9 Female and Male Body Types

You remember about our gallery about human body types, right? Well, you may consider this as a sequel to it. Here you’ll see the funniest representations of the woman body types. And we didn’t forget about men, of course. You’ll now see the body type frenzy in this gallery, buckle up!

1- Girls Body Sizes 



Take care of your skin. Learn more…


Let’s start off with the real life examples of the woman body types we once shared as sketches. Pick the one that suits you the most.

2- Where’s the watermelon?


…or maybe doughnuts?

3- Male vs Female


Here see the male counterparts of female body types. Match your body with your darling’s.

4- Men’s body type classifications are simpler


What? Are there only 3 types for males?

5- Ha! This just made it easier for you, girls.


…or more inadequate?

6- Love your body


It’s all that matters. Be confident about it.

7- Poor bananas


You know some bananas too, amirite?

8- For a better cleavage…


No matter what type your body is, you may maximize your cleavage with this simple trick!

9-  5 MORE and we’re done


Here, the butch girl or the first one from the right? What’s your choice?


Source… http://www.goonfeed.com/


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