Be on Other’s Shoes

Have you ever tried to be on other’s shoes?

Personally I often find myself in some situations and conversations, to tell the truth, in the mentality of Albania are extremely common.

I do not know if, is the fact that we have a backward mentality, a poor spiritual world, an empty and meaningless life , or, we really have no any other better thing to do than to judge life , thoughts or actions of others. These “others” may be individuals unknown to us, in the best case, as anyone like gossip, but also can be our friends, our family, important people in our lives. Important…? It depends on what each of us will understand with “important”. I think I’m “important” for my family, for my friends, colleagues and so on, referring to each of the relationships I create with them. If I find myself in a situation when one of my friends, who, according to my evaluation parameters, I consider “important”, for another friend, who, again according to my parameters should be important for my friend, and he take the responsibility to judges, without the right, his life, his decisions and actions, I have nothing that only to put in question the parameters of my evaluation… If you care about your friend tell him directly your “concerns”…

I know, many of you just can’t understand what i am saying. But it is a big pressure and an anger that comes when I am facing such situations.

MY FRIENDS… !!! Let people living their life…please. Do anyone care about your life? Not at all, go and find a hobby instead.

I won’t be there always listening you slander, backbite or mock other people’s lives. Is that empty your life, so your only word sound are to blame others, with no reason and no right?? Stop it, look forward, fight your life emptiness and be a support to your friends, relatives and family.

Trust me, it will be the best you will do in your live, you will find joy on doing that, and will never stop doing that. Trust me i am saying that from my experience. This is why you still are my friend…



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