Ham and Pea Soup

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Peas are an ancient food, eaten seasonally during the Paleolithic era. They were also one of the first cultivated plants, first grown in Western Asia about 8,000 years ago, and spreading to nearly every major culture from there. Today, there are many reasons to enjoy peas. They are very economical, and frozen sweet peas are one of the cleanest vegetables even when raised conventionally. They’re also very practical, since grabbing a handful of frozen peas from the freezer couldn’t be simpler. This soup is a great example of how convenient the little green guys are; start to finish, you can be enjoying this delicious and deeply flavorful meal in 25 minutes.

The word pea has an interesting origin; it was originally…

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Be on Other’s Shoes

Have you ever tried to be on other’s shoes?

Personally I often find myself in some situations and conversations, to tell the truth, in the mentality of Albania are extremely common.

I do not know if, is the fact that we have a backward mentality, a poor spiritual world, an empty and meaningless life , or, we really have no any other better thing to do than to judge life , thoughts or actions of others. These “others” may be individuals unknown to us, in the best case, as anyone like gossip, but also can be our friends, our family, important people in our lives. Important…? It depends on what each of us will understand with “important”. I think I’m “important” for my family, for my friends, colleagues and so on, referring to each of the relationships I create with them. If I find myself in a situation when one of my friends, who, according to my evaluation parameters, I consider “important”, for another friend, who, again according to my parameters should be important for my friend, and he take the responsibility to judges, without the right, his life, his decisions and actions, I have nothing that only to put in question the parameters of my evaluation… If you care about your friend tell him directly your “concerns”…

I know, many of you just can’t understand what i am saying. But it is a big pressure and an anger that comes when I am facing such situations.

MY FRIENDS… !!! Let people living their life…please. Do anyone care about your life? Not at all, go and find a hobby instead.

I won’t be there always listening you slander, backbite or mock other people’s lives. Is that empty your life, so your only word sound are to blame others, with no reason and no right?? Stop it, look forward, fight your life emptiness and be a support to your friends, relatives and family.

Trust me, it will be the best you will do in your live, you will find joy on doing that, and will never stop doing that. Trust me i am saying that from my experience. This is why you still are my friend…


Man’s see what makes you UNIQUE

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This may come as a shock to you but guys have different eyeballs than you do. You know why I’m saying that? Because when YOU look at yourself in the mirror, you see that front tooth that’s a bit crooked, the line where your bra presses in (you call this your “back fat”), the too-small breasts or the too-wide rear, your goofy knees, funny toes…. The list goes on and on. But you know what your MAN sees? A woman he’d love to strip naked and get busy with right this instant, maybe sooner. My personal body part confession… Maybe you have a muffin top “thing,” but I used to HATE my feet. When I was a teenager, I had surgery on my big toes (bunions, it’s such an ugly word!!) and for the next 20 years I zealously covered my feet. I never EVER owned a pair of sandals or open-toed shoes and would have died before I let a man openly look at my feet. I have a big scar running the length of both big toes. My second toe is longer. My feet are… wanky. You know. Ugh, I could make myself MISERABLE thinking about my feet. Shockingly, amazingly, wonderfully, I found a man actually willing (he would say, desperate!) to marry me.I hope you’re laughing now, but at the time, I found it next to impossible to think about what kind of man would marry me “even with these feet.”

3 ways MEN see your body…

If you asked my man which of my physical attributes attracted him, it’s really hard for him to move past the standard answer you’d probably get from any man. You can almost see a physical effort as he drags his sex-craving brain past the chest, past the butt, and FINALLY he’ll tell you something like, “She has gorgeous shoulders…”I bet he didn’t even know I had scars on my feet for the first 10 years we were married. Here’s the thing: Men see your body in three ways, and it’s nothing like the way you see yourself.

They see what makes you WOMANLY

This means when they look at you they instantly notice the things about your body that make you uniquely a woman. Breasts, hips, ass, curves… Even the way you walk. It’s nearly impossible for a red-blooded heterosexual male to notice anything before they read the parts of your body that say: I am a woman.Your arm flaps do not make this list. Your cellulite does not make this list. Your stretch marks do not make this list. Sorry.

They see what makes you UNIQUE


That chipped tooth you hate? They think it’s kind of charming. The muffin top? They can’t see it because it’s too near your ass, which they think is the finest thing in nine counties. Do you think your lips are too thin? They just love it when you smile at them. (And truthfully, when they think about your lips on their body, they are NOT thinking “Oh her lips are too thin.” I PROMISE.) If guys notice a particular body part of yours that you think makes you hideous (and I guarantee you they would never use that term) they just think it makes you uniquely…you! And since it’s YOU they are desperate for, they want that part of you as much as the others.

They see what you constantly draw their attention to.

This is where you have the power to rock or ruin a relationship.

When you constantly complain about your own body, a man’s desire to enjoy and love you are being eroded a little at a time. In other words, you’re rejecting him. He thinks, “I could touch her body all day,” and you say, “I’m too flabby.” You’re not only tearing yourself down, you’re tearing HIM – his thoughts, his desires for you, his excitement about you – down.  And it works the other way, too. Show off your pedicure (I do, now!), go sleeveless, wear that backless dress, and ruthlessly tease him with the body he absolutely adores.

A man loves a REAL woman,Of course he looks at the naked, “perfect” girls in the magazine or online. And of course you’re bombarded with “perfect” skinny chicks on the runway or the billboard.But a picture of perfection – whether it’s real or not – is no competition whatsoever for a living, breathing, fragrant woman sitting next to a man at a restaurant. Or pressed slightly against him in the elevator. Perfection can go hang; you are up close and personal. Stepford wives are creepy. You can be assured that while he might fantasize about a playmate of the month, he’ll take a real woman over a figment of his imagination EVERY time. Celebrate your body (and let him do it, too)!Of course you want to invest time and energy into a healthy, beautiful body. But meanwhile, don’t let your own issues with your body drive him away. You deserve all the fabulous man-attention as he wants to give you!



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A mundet Joga të djegë më shumë kalori se vrapi?


Kris Fondran thote se Joga, nje teknike ushtrimi e hershme medituese mund te beje me shume se cdo lloj ushtrimesh te tjera, sepse mund te djege te njejten sasi kalorish me me pak stres dhe demtim te trupit tuaj. Kris ka ndertuar nje program te posacem Joga i quajtur Shapeshifter Yoga, e cila ben qe te digjni me shume kalori se sa ju mund te beni duke vrapuar. Kris Fondran zoteron diplomim Master ne Shkenca Ushtrimore dhe ka nje njohuri te thelle mbi anatomine dhe funksionimin e trupit te njeriut. Ne eksperimentet qe ajo ka realizuar, ajo ka matur djegien e kalorive te saj nderkohe qe ajo realizonte poza te thjeshta te joges. Duke i bere ato vazhdimisht ju arrini ne nje gjendje qe ajo e quan “rrjedhje”, nje pike ku djegja e dhjamit behet ne shkalle ekstreme. Ne kete shkalle ne nje joga normale prej 60 minutash ju mund te digjni 500 kalori, e njejta qe do harxhonit per te njejten kohe permes vrapimit te shpejte. Me te njejtin impakt, por pa dhimbje te kembeve apo mesit nese do te vraponit. 

Joga ndihmon qe qe ju te humbisni peshen edhe permes ç’stresimit. Kur ushtroheni deri ne nivele te larta te acarimit fizik apo emocional, trupi juaj fillon te prodhoje hormonin kortizol dhe kur ky hormon gjendet ne trupin tuaj, trupi juaj kerkon qe ju te hani. Kortizoli eshte ai qe shkakton “stresin e ushqimit“ qe ju ben te hani gjerat njera pas tjetres kur jeni ne tension dhe stres. Joga ka treguar per vite me radhe se eshte nje menyre per te relaksuar mendjen dhe trupin, qe do te thote qe ju mban me te holle pasi larg leshimin e kortizolit ne trup. Shapeshifter Yoga shkon edhe me tej, ju mund ta kryeni edhe ne shtepi. Kerkoni per Shapeshifter Yoga video library.